Clients were looking ahead to retirement years and altering their much loved house to suit.

Adding a lockup garage with ramp access and enlarging the bathroom for easier access was a big priority.

A rear extension for the kitchen area and removing internal walls made for a much more open living area that led onto the existing patio.

Recladding the exterior and a new driveway completed the makeover.


Dear Dave, Tony and Matt,
It is with great pleasure that we write to you to thank you again for the wonderful work your company accomplished for us, turning our poor old clad house into a smart rendered home, but still with character.

On explaining what we wanted in the renovations of our house to suit our lifestyle and for our older years, Tony produced a marvellous design and everyone who comes for the first time cannot get over the space that was created from the same area. What a blessing it is in the cold and rainy weather to be able to access the house from the new garage.

We couldn’t have been more happy with the team of workers you have working with you and it was a good feeling when any of the outside trades, such as John Hillcoat, who installed the kitchen, said we really like working with the O’Brien brothers, there’s never any hassle.

Dave, you started by giving us a quote, kept us informed with onsite meetings each week, started and finished on time and the price came in as agreed. Tony, we were particularly pleased at the way the old fibro/asbestos was demolished with such care. We were never fobbed off when we wanted to ask a question and at all times you were very professional.

We would strongly recommend you to any prospective clients and we wish your company continued success.

Kind regards,

Wayne and Meg Storey.

The old Storey residence.Not the smae old Storey residence at all!Storey plans.