Demolish old garage & construct a new one that could also be utilised as a party room for the young family as the pool area was just below.


To whom it may concern.

We started working on this project in 2006 with David and Tony. Our plan was to completely rip out our old garage, raise the foundations and build a new modern facility. David and Tony completed the plans and pricing which was bang on with our expectations. They also offered additional features that we had not considered, such as water tanks and drainage considerations, all of which would enhance the property.

The building work started in 2007 and was run by Matt O’Brien, who organized all of the tradesman on a daily basis. The project ran to schedule, even though we kept adding bits to it. Matt constantly kept us informed on timing and budgets, providing us with estimates on anything we wanted to change or add.

Overall the site was kept very clean, the tradesmen were professional and courteous and the work was performed to a high standard.

On completion of the project all of our expectations were met. Budgetary, aesthetically and functionally. We now have great area for cars, tools, kids, and washing. More importantly, its dry and clean and came in exactly where OBrien’s said it would. Highly recommended.

Bill and Anne

The old Taylor garage.Up goes the frame.View of framing from the backyard poolAnother Taylor made renovation.Finished renovation with door closed.